Blocks/Leasehold Developments

PM Property Management are experienced property Managing Agents for flats and apartments held under leasehold arrangements across the South West.

Within this sector, we have a particular focus on Georgian and similar era townhouses of which many abound in both Bath and Bristol. These properties have all the usual management requirements, but their maintenance and repair add an extra level of attention due to their listed status and the very particular skills and materials required for their upkeep.

For many Managing Agents these properties are taken on with reluctance, for us they are a core part of our business and we are always willing to discuss bringing such properties into our portfolio.

We are equally ready to provide our services to more modern properties, both large and small, and because we offer a very personalised service we can cope with properties that do not necessarily fit within defined categories. Small commercial, mixed private and the just plain querky will all be considered.

Just give us a call on Bath 01225 874296 or Bristol 0117 379 0050 to discuss your requirements and obtain a no cost or obligation quote.

Challenges of Managing a Block of Flats or Leasehold Property  

Managing a block of flats or apartments is not without its challenges for Resident Management Companies. With so many residents inhabiting a property, it brings many different expectations, demands and opinions on how the building should be managed and maintained. It can be difficult to take all of these into consideration whilst doing what’s in everyone’s collective best interest and whilst adhering to current legislation.

We often find that residents don’t have the time or expertise to take on all aspects of the management of the block alone, which is where the services of a Managing Agent such as PM Property Management come into their own.

Our Block / Leasehold Property Management Services

We provide a professional and bespoke solution for the residents of blocks and leasehold buildings.  Our specialist services include:

  • Governance and administrative support including handling and filing legal and financial requirements.
  • Ensuring common areas and grounds maintenance is completed.
  • Reviewing and arranging service contracts for lifts, sprinklers and other infrastructure crucial for meeting health and safety obligations.
  • Managing ongoing repairs and general routine maintenance carried out on the building as well as larger one-off projects.
  • Vetting and managing external Contractors working on the building.

Additionally, our experienced team will be on hand to offer advice and recommendations at any time.

Why Choose PM Property Management?

In addition to our unique personalised service, there are a number of benefits you get when appointing us as your Managing Agent:

  • We do not offer property letting or sales, so the management of your property or site is our entire focus.
  • We are local; we operate exclusively in the South West and Southern England particularly Bristol, Bath and the surrounding areas.
  • Our size makes us flexible, so we can also consider bespoke arrangements, not being tied down by ‘big company’ policies and procedures.
  • Our fee structure is transparent with no hidden extras and many services provided on a fixed fee arrangement.
  • We’ll only use trusted and accredited Contractors to carry out any work that needs doing within your block or development.
  • We don’t outsource our responsibilities; we check up on our properties ourselves and your primary point of contact will be the Directors of the business.

“Issues relating to our building are really getting resolved now that PM Property Management have got involved.”

Chair of Management Company, Bath

Complete Property Management Solutions

Whether you are experiencing problems with your current property Managing Agent or are looking for a partner to work alongside the residents, we can help.

To find out more about how we could help give us a call on Bath 01225 874296 or Bristol  0117 379 0050 for a chat and a free, no obligation quote.