Empty Properties

Whether an investment property or the householders are abroad, maintaining a vacant property can be troublesome. You don’t want to let the property, so Letting Agents are not interested because they won’t get their commission; security companies will only respond to alarms being set off, yet your insurance policy will demand regular visits and you don’t want piles of mail advertising no one is around.

The team at PM Property Management can provide the solution you are looking for.  Give us a call on Bath 01225 874296 or Bristol 0117 379 0050 to discuss a bespoke package of support for your vacant property and rest easy that it will be well looked after.

Challenges of Managing a Vacant Property

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible for property owners to visit their homes regularly, particularly when they are located abroad for periods of time.  Some of the challenges faced by owners of vacant properties include:

  • Security – potentially the biggest issue. Thieves and vandals can not only strip the property of its assets but damage and devalue it. Whether your home is furnished and contains all of your personal possessions or empty it can still be a target.
  • Dilapidation – vacant properties left for long periods of time unattended can fall foul of general dilapidation caused by blocked guttering, weed infestations, damp and structural damage to name a few.  Small issues that would be picked up on in an inhabited home such as a small leak in a roof or a leaky tap can if unchecked for months, resulting in considerable damage.
  • Distance – whilst it is possible to manage the security and maintenance of your empty home whilst away, for many, distance is a huge challenge (particularly when trying to operate with large time differences).  Communicating with and managing multiple contractors from a distance is particularly difficult and stressful.

Our Vacant Property Management Services

Using our specialist services to look after your empty home whilst you are away means that we become your Agent and take on the management of the property as your “local eyes and ears on the ground”.

You only need to communicate with us, we take care of everything else on your behalf.  Some of the areas we can help you with include:

  • Undertaking regular visits to your property, doing checks and processing mail as required (we are happy to scan and forward mail if you so wish).
  • Organising maintenance and repairs and working closely with security companies in response to alarm alerts. Ensuring the property remains clean and fresh for your return.

All of this coupled with recommendations from our experienced team will help keep your property secure until such time as you return or decide to rent or sell it.

Why Choose PM Property Management?

In addition to our unique personalised service, there are a number of benefits you get when appointing us as your Managing Agent for your empty property:

  • We do not offer property letting or sales, so the management of your property is our entire focus.
  • Our size makes us flexible, so we can also consider bespoke arrangements, not being tied down by ‘big company’ policies and procedures.
  • Our fee structure is transparent with no hidden extras.
  • We’ll only use trusted and accredited Contractors to carry out any work that needs doing on your home.
  • We don’t outsource our responsibilities; we check up on your property ourselves and your primary point of contact will be the Directors of the business.

Complete Property Management Solutions

Whether your property is empty for 6 weeks or 6 months, you can rely on us to provide you with the service you need.

If you have an empty property that needs attention and want to know more about the services we can offer; give us a call on Bath 01225 874296 or Bristol 0117 379 0050 for a chat and free, no obligation quote.