Mixed Ownership

With the increasing cost of land for housing, Developers are building ever denser sites. So where once there may have been a cluster of freehold houses, now they will tuck in a development of leasehold flats in addition. Even sites that are purely freehold they will free up more space by providing communal areas such as car parking, bin stores and gardens.

At PM Property Management we know these sites involve a lot less work than the management of buildings, consequently, we offer a value for money service, priced to reflect the workload, but delivering the same quality of service we offer for our physical properties.

Just give us a call on Bath 01225 874296 or Bristol 0117 379 0050 and we will discuss your requirements and provide a no cost or obligation site visit to determine a package suitable for your site.

Challenges of Managing a Mixed Ownership Development

Often high-end developments, residents are either too busy working or retirement travelling to be concerned about the maintenance of the site and yet still demand they are maintained to a high standard.

The size of the development will certainly determine how much work this entails and how many parties need to be involved in making decisions. Typical areas of the sites which are communal (leasehold) and need management include:

  • Gardens or grounds
  • Parking areas or pathways
  • Entranceways
  • Bin and recycling areas

It can often be hard to ensure these areas are looked after without the help and expertise of a Managing Agent. Something as simple as getting quotes organised and costs agreed for repairs and maintenance to be undertaken can often end up being a time consuming and complex process.

Our Management Services for Mixed Ownership Developments

Our management services include, but are not limited to:

  • Ensuring the maintenance of grounds and communal areas – helping to arrange solutions whether as part of an ongoing service or a one-off issue such as the need for a tree surgeon.
  • Undertaking regular grounds inspections, enabling problems to be dealt with quickly.
  • Arranging and attending meetings between the owners – then dealing with any matters arising and liaising with third parties where appropriate.
  • Service charge estimate preparation and service charge collection.
  • Financial reporting including managing expenditure agreed on budgets and paying invoices.
  • Dealing with problems and disputes between the freeholders over the communal areas.
  • Development and management of an Operations Schedule, vetting and managing appropriate Contractors as necessary.

Why Choose PM Property Management?

In addition to our unique personalised service, there are a number of benefits you get when appointing us as your Managing Agent for your mixed ownership development:

  • We do not offer property letting or sales, so the management of your site is our entire focus.
  • We are local; we operate exclusively in the South West and Southern England particularly Bristol, Bath and the surrounding areas.
  • Our size makes us flexible, so we can also consider bespoke arrangements, not being tied down by ‘big company’ policies and procedures.
  • Our fee structure is transparent with no hidden extras and many services provided on a fixed fee arrangement.
  • We’ll only use trusted and accredited Contractors to carry out any work that needs doing on your development.
  • We don’t outsource our responsibilities; we check up on our sites ourselves and your primary point of contact will be the Directors of the business.

Complete Property Management Solutions

Whether your development comprises of just a handful of properties or more, you can rely on us to provide you with the service you need.

If you live in a property on a mixed ownership development or are a Residents Management Company looking for a reliable Managing Agent to work with, give us a call on Bath 01225 874296 or Bristol 0117 379 0050 for a chat and free no obligation quote.