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PM. Property Management specialise in Georgian Townhouses.

Big repair jobs pretty much go with territory; ageing timbers, failing roofs, redecorating grand stairwells. Likewise bringing properties up to date, with fire alarms, rewiring, and upgrading ancient equipment such as lifts are also frequent challenges.

Undertaking jobs of this is sort is not simple and requires various professionals to be included in delivering a project. A major part of our skill is “knowing a man who can….”

Georgian townhouses are not really owned, they are being cared for for the next generation, so repairs have to be in accordance with conservation requirements both in design and materials. To ensure these requirements are met requires experienced architects and surveyors who understand these demands.

Invariably the repairs or refurbishment themselves requires the right contractors. The work is rarely straightforward, with unexpected problems, and simply getting access frequently being challenging . The materials they use can rarely come from the local DIY store.

All this speciality rarely comes cheap

In addition the good property manager’s job is to properly plan such work, ensure all necessary documentation is obtained, tenders issued and quotes obtained, funds acquired and managed. When the work starts it has to be quality assured and Health & Safety monitored.Managing projects properly is not simple.

Unfortunately, all too often the work and knowledge involved is invisible to householders. They believe they can do it cheaper, quicker and without all the fuss of these so called specialists. They do not understand that repairs to a modern 2 bed flat is very different to the complexities of a Georgian house. Indeed they frequently despise the property manager for not contributing anything but overheads. They often think they way to manage is by shouting and think driving prices down is the way to go, forgetting that quality usually.goes down with it.

If you live in a Georgian property and your management company is about to undertake big repairs , or indeed there are big repairs that are not getting done, be prepared to challenge what they are doing. Press for a manager, who has the right experience. Remember, poorly delivered projects can seriously affect the value of your property.

PM Property Management have experience in project management and have developed a network of specialists needed to good quality projects that will meet all necessary standards and enhance your property for years to come.

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This post was written by Richard Mills