Our Process

Structuring our Partnership with you

The key to our effectiveness as property Managing Agents is good communication and the strong relationships that we build with our clients. Our process is built on years of experience with thorough project planning where no detail is overlooked.

At the start of our relationship we will develop a clear plan with you so we all understand what is required, when and by whom.

The information below provides an example of a go live plan in action:

Stage 1 – Understanding the Present

This is where we gain a full understanding of where things stand at the moment:

  • Liaising with outgoing Manager and Committee
  • Gathering paperwork (Lease, Accounts etc.)
  • Understanding the current ‘state of play’
  • Reviewing assigned contractors
  • Understanding any commercial/ legal/ contractual constraints

Stage 2 – Establishing Baseline Requirements

This is where we dig deeper to fully understand what is required to take things forward:

  • Perform Health & Safety Assessment
  • Perform Property ‘Health check’
  • Undertake a financial review/ create a budget/ Accounts etc.
  • Set in place accounting reporting mechanisms
  • Set in place all legal requirements if necessary (e.g. Companies House)
  • Prepare a Meetings / Reporting Programme
  • Develop an Operations Schedule / Select Contractors as necessary

Stage 3 – Building an operations schedule

This provides the detail on activity as well as the timeframes for completion and is broken down into 4 distinct areas:

Routine Activity

  • Diarised maintenance schedule
  • Clear small works process
  • Quality assurance process

Projects (as required)

  • Project schedule
  • Funding plan
  • Delivery plan
  • Milestones / Milestone reporting


  • Implement SO/DD for maintenance charges
  • Perform regular monitoring / payment chasing
  • Perform bank reconciliations
  • Monitor spend against budget


  • Management meetings
  • AGM
  • Company House Reporting
  • Accounts preparations
  • Insurance
  • Registration / Certification
  • Annual Property Review

Ongoing Proactive Communication

Underpinning all of the activities listed within the initial stages as well as the ongoing Operations Schedule is regular and proactive communication between our team, the Management Company and all external parties.

To put a clear plan into place for the effective management of your building contact the team or call us on Bath 01225 874296 or Bristol 0117 379 0050 for a no obligation consultation.