Virtually all flats or apartment blocks built today will have a Management Company established by the time of sale, with all leaseholders becoming either members or Directors of the company at or soon after, the sale.

The problem that so often exists is that the individuals do not really understand the role they are then expected to perform, and with so many flats purchased for rent, many purchasers won’t really have an interest in engaging in the day to day management of the property.

Working with the Developer, PM Property Management offer a consultancy service, helping the leaseholders to get their company up and running successfully.

Our Added Value Services for your Development

Our bespoke services can be offered as a no-cost added value service to you the Developer, with our fees being factored into the Leaseholder Service Charge.

As we are all aware, early in the life of a property, ‘snagging’ problems can occur. These can be time-consuming to resolve, and cause considerable ill will, again because the leaseholders are often not experienced in handling such matters.

With PM Property Management acting as their Managing Agent/Mentor from day one, we can bring our experience of dealing with such matters to assist the Management Company and work consultative rather than combatively with you the developer to achieve satisfactory outcomes.

Why choose PM Property Management?

The following are just a few reasons why you should consider partnering with us to ensure a smooth sales process:

  • We are experienced property Managing Agents able to guide and support the residents to make life easier for them and yourself as the developer.
  • Our services can be provided at no cost to you, our fees can be factored into the Leaseholder Service Charge.
  • Our size makes us flexible, so we can also consider bespoke arrangements, not being tied down by ‘big company’ policies and procedures.
  • We don’t outsource our responsibilities; your primary point of contact will be the Directors of the business.

To find out more about our specialist services for Developers call our team on Bath 01225 874296 or Bristol 0117 379 0050.