Why use us

Adapting to changing rules and regulations

As property Managing Agents, PM Property Management has a duty to our clients not just to think about how their properties are managed today but also to address changing needs and consider how properties can adapt to the needs of modern living.

An example is the demands of recycling and reduced waste collection with bins looking unsightly and rubbish not being collected if not properly processed.

In a similar vein new legislation, particularly in the area of Health & Safety, must be understood, implemented and managed, ensuring sites are compliant.

Increasing Professionalism

There is an increasing drive to ‘professionalise’ areas such as private landlords, and this ethos is spreading to block management. Solicitors and Estate Agents are increasingly concerned where non-professional property management arrangements exist.

PM Property Management understand this trend and we are working hard to put in place the systems, processes and expertise to deliver an increasingly professional service to its clients old and new.

Meeting the Demands of a Sustainable Future

As the pressure to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels increases the demand for renewable energy solutions grows.  This, in turn, will create challenges for older buildings.  Facilitating electrical vehicle charging points or installing solar panels, whilst retaining the visual integrity of period properties will all need to be considered.

PM Property Management are already looking at ways to enable such changes to take place both now and into the future.  By working proactively with experts in the field of sustainability and sharing our learning with flat owners, we plan to explore how their buildings could be adapted to keep pace with the demands of modern living.

Ensuring Data Protection Compliance

A Residents Management Company is a limited company, registered at Companies House.  It is therefore subject to the same rules as every company. This means that its Directors must adhere to Data Protection rules (particularly GDPR which replaced previous Data Protection legislation in the UK in 2017).  In light of this the following tasks need to be considered to ensure compliance:

  • Appointing a Director as the Data Manager.
  • Creating a data policy and ensuring the monitoring and protection of data records.
  • Obtaining permission to hold and share tenants data as well as ensuring it is accurate, up to date and secure.
  • Completing an immediate assessment and subsequent reporting in the event of a data breach.

If this seems a difficult process to set up and maintain, PM Property Management can be appointed, within the remit of the Resident Management Company, to the role of Data Manager to ensure the process is completed and you comply with the requirements of GDPR.

Help and Guidance from PM Property Management

If you need help and guidance on how your older apartment block could keep up with the requirements of modern living or complying with new Data Protection legislation, give us a call on Bath 01225 874296 or Bristol 0117 379 0050 for a free, no obligation conversation.